That’s where I come in. With the experience I have and the network of highly skilled and talented contractors — from dry wall artists, to drapery designers, to carpenters, and more — we can work together to try to make your design dreams come true and help you turn your home into a space that reflects your personality.


My name is Sergei Vaisman and I am an Interior Designer working in the Greater Toronto area. But most importantly I am a sincere person who is serious and passionate about his work, trying to understand the personality and individuality of every single client in order to help create their dream interior.

My intention is not to impose my taste, but rather understand the person I am working with, showcase all the available styles and design trends, and then decide which working direction to take, together plunging into a creative process no matter what you are planning to design — a house, an office, a retail space, a restaurant or a room in your home.

With working experience in Russia, Israel and Canada, I am absolutely positive that I can satisfy any of my client’s taste. In addition to interior design, I can also help you choose the finishes and upgrades for your new home, plan and produce professional drawings of your basement complete with layout and design ideas, provide home staging and decorating services prior to selling your home and take professional pictures of it — saving you time and money, so that you won’t have to find and coordinate different people to accomplish your project.

Most importantly, I love my job and I love helping people accomplish their interior design needs, and from my experience I know for sure that where there is mutual understanding — success is guaranteed!

I am looking forward to meeting with you.

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